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Solar Physics Group Photos

2004 AAS Meeting, Denver, CO

The UofM Solar Physics Group took a trip to the Continental Divide at Loveland Pass(elevation 11,990 ft.) in the Colorado Rockies the day before the meeting started. Left to right: John Beene, Tae Kim, Kaouther Nasraoui, Matthew Scott, Jack O'Connor and Tanya Pronzy. Jennifer Roames not pictured here.

John Beene(left) presenting his poster at the meeting.

Tae kim(center) presenting his poster.

Kaouther Nasraoui(center) explaining her poster to Dr. Keith Strong(left) of Lockheed Martin.

Jack O'Connor in front of his poster.

Jennifer Roames(left) also had a chance to speak with Dr. Keith Strong(right) about her poster.

Kaouther Nasraoui(left) was issued one of the 2004 SPD Studentship Awards

Kaouther Nasraoui standing in front of the CHANDRA display booth at the meeting.

Matthew Scott (right) stops to talk to the representative at the Northrop Grumman display booth.

Before it was time to leave Denver, Jack O'Connor, Matthew Scott, and John Beene stopped by the Denver Capitol Building to sit on the Mile High step.

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2003 SPD Meeting, Laural,MD

2003 UofM Solar Physics Group at our home laboratory in Memphis before the 2003 SPD meeting. Left to right: Matthew Scott, Claire Nevels, Kaouther Nasraoui, Drew Medlin and John Beene

Drew Medlin(right), 2003 SPD Studentship Award winner, presents his poster to Craig DeForest of Southwest Research Institute.

John Beene(in a tie) presents his poster to Spiros Patsourakos(left) from the Naval Research Laboratory(NRL) and another visitor to the meeting.

Kaouther Nasraoui(left) presents her poster in front of a crowd at the meeting including Jim Klimchuck(front) and Spiros Patsourakos (far right) from the NRL.

Dr. Schmelz giving her talk on the Coronal Loop Controversy.

Dr. Schmelz(left) takes time to listen to Dr. Keith Strong(right) of Lockheed Martin at the meeting.

A few of the Solar Physics Group members take time to visit the Green Bank radio Telescope(GBT) in Maryland. Kaouther Nasraoui(left), John Beene(center) and Drew Medlin(photographer).

The Solar Physics Group also had an opportunity to visit Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC). Here Drew Medlin is standing next to "Black Brant" one of the rockets used to launch SERTS.

Also at GSFC, Johne Beene poses for a picture next to a full size mock up of the Hubble Space Telescope and a full size section of the Space Shuttle used to train astronauts to service the real Hubble Telescope.

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2002 AAS Meeting, Albuquerque,NM

The University of Memphis Solar Physics Group at the 2002 AAS meeting in Albuquerque, NM. Back row from left to right: Peter Hubbard(2002 SPD Studentship Award winner), John Beene, Virginia Richardson. Front row from left to right: Drew Medlin, Claire Nevels.

2002 Hale Pize winner, Eric Priest(left) a professor from the University of St.Andrews, Scotland, stops by the SPD booth to talk to some of the members of the UofM solar physics group.

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2001 AGU Meeting, Boston, MA

Some of the UofM Solar Physics Group(left to right: Jonathan Cirtain(2001 SPD Studentship Award winner), Dr. Joan Schmelz, Drew Medlin and Thomas Blevins) meet with Joe Gurman(far right), project scientist for SOHO, at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts

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2000 SPD Meeting, Lake Tahoe, NV

The University of Memphis Solar Physics Group at the Summer 2000 Solar Physics Division Meeting in Lake Tahoe Nevada. Back row from left to right: Ben Scheopke, Jonathan Cirtain, Christopher Marino, Rick Edwards. Front row from left to right: Drew Medlin, Trae Winter, Richie Scopes, and the group leader Dr. Joan Schmelz.

Rick Edwards listens while Christopher Marino, 2000 SPD Studentship Award winner , practices his presentation skills.

Jonathan Cirtain and Ben Scheopke(also a 2000 SPD Studentship Award winner), in front of their poster.

Jonathan Cirtain(left) presents his poster to Dr. Peter Foukal of Heliophysics, Inc.

Richie Scopes presents his poster to John Cook from the NRL.

Trae Winter presents his poster to Jim Ryan of the University of New Hampshire

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1999 AAS Meeting, Chicago, IL

Richie Scopes(1999 SPD Studentship Award winner), presents his poster to a crowd at the meeting.

Trae Winter(center left) presenting his poster to Roger Thomas (far right) and Joe Davila(far left) of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center SERTS team and Dr. Schmelz(center right).

A crowd takes a break from the meeting and gathers near one of the smaller domes in the Yerkes Observatory at The University of Chicago.

Dr. Schmelz takes the Yerkes Observatory 40" telescope, the world's largest refractor, for a "spin".

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