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Dr. Janann Sherman

Photo by Dr. Dennis Laumann

Office: Mitchell Hall 219
Office Phone: 678-2515
Email: sherman@memphis.edu

Tennessee History Day

Curriculum Vitae


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HIST 7980/8980: Whose History Is It, Anyway?

HIST 4702/6702: The United States Since World War II

HIST 7980/8980: Parallel Lives: Black and White Women in American History

HIST 2020: The United States Since 1877

HIST 7070/8070: Seminar in Modern America

HIST 4882/6882:The American Civil Rights Movement

HIST 7980/8980: Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll: The Sixties in America

HIST 2010: The United States to 1877 

HIST 7020/8020: Seminar for Teaching Assistants

HIST 7980/8980: Women and American Politics

HIST 7980/8980: Gender and Sexuality as Issues in American Politics


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