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Evaluating Web sites and information found on the Web

It has been said that any fool can post anything on the Web — and often does. One of the hardest problems in dealing with Web documents is knowing whether they are credible or accurate. Another problem is that of identity theft and frauds of various kinds. The following Web sites will give you guidance to help you sort out the good from the bad:

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Computer hoaxes

Computer hoaxes are false warnings about messages or programs that may do damage to your system. People who distribute the warnings often do so in good faith, and recipients of the warnings often do not know if the warnings are valid. The following services maintain good databases on the warnings that are known to be hoaxes. Some of the services also list “urban legends” which often circulate on computer networks, such as calls for get-well cards to be sent to non-existent patients. Check with one or more of them before you send all of your friends a copy of the latest warning — it may already be known to be a hoax.


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