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Tiger Initiative for gardening in urban settingsTiger Initiative for Gardening in Urban Settings (TIGUrS)
Put on your overalls and grab your hoe: an Urban Garden initiative that will help the U of M become greener is currently underway and will include a April 30 "planting day".

The project, dubbed the Tiger Initiative for Gardening in Urban Settings (TIGUrS), will result in herbs, vegetables, fruit trees and various plants being gardened on the U of M campus (between Zach Curlin and Elma Roane Fieldhouse). If you are interested in volunteering for the project, contact Karyl Buddington at 678-2359 or kbudding@memphis.edu. | Learn more here.
Geographic Learning for Sustainable Development

A special educational development project of the My Community, Our Earth: Geographic Learning for Sustainable Development which is an educational series for online, free, global dissemination, designed to showcase how geography and geographic technologies can be used to address particular topics of sustainable development around the world, organized around the United Nations’ WEHAB themes: Water, Energy, Health, Agriculture, and Biodiversity. 

These topics are produced as Digital Geography Learning Adventures that take youth a process of asking questions, observing data, analyzing spatially, drawing conclusions, and taking action, hosted by attractive and diverse characters. I was invited by Dr. Patricia Solis, Association of American Geographers  Director of Research and Outreach to develop script populated with data, graphics, photographs, and quizzes, focused on one of the remaining adventures: Agriculture in Turkey.  The final version of the series is now launched. Below is the website.