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Get A Taste of Some Hot Topics

Nothing complements dinner quite like Great Conversations!

The College of Arts & Sciences' Great Conversations is a unique, annual event held on the campus of the University of Memphis.

Much like a dinner party, alumni and community friends gather at tables of eight to ten to discuss "hot topics" of College research.

Each table's discussion is lead by a College of Arts & Sciences faculty member or administrator with special expertise on a topic selected by guests in advance.

You are invited to the Eleventh Annual Great Conversations event.

Tiny PepperIn 2002, the College of Arts and Sciences' Dean and his Advisory Board initiated the annual Great Conversations dinner in order to bring community guests together with award-winning research and teaching faculty for an evening of dining and conversation.

Tiny PepperOver the last ten years, the event has gained popularity and prominence in the community among our alumni and friends. We invite you to join us and learn about the extraordinary research being conducted on campus in the College of Arts & Sciences.

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